Just send your Bitcoins to our Wallet! Why? We believe in you! We need it!For girls. For beer. For fun. Make our dreams come true!


The Revolution of ICO.

Have you ever heard of the concept of ICO? Let me explain this to you. You invest your hard earned money to some random people in the internet. After you realized how stupid you are and that your money is lost for all times you drive to the next bar, pour endless liters of whiskey and fuck the ugliest girl there. The next morning you wake up and hate your life.
We will revolutionize this way. Why all the stress and worries? We take care of our investors. We will take the girls and whiskey for you. If you invest in us you will be a winner and all models want to hang out with you for sure. Well… maybe you will only make us rich, but who cares about the details right? We make it easy for you. We promise exactly nothing. There is not even a coin existing, hah! Clever right? Why dealing with all the programming shit. Yes you´ve read right: We offer the worlds first ICO without a coin. You´re saying that this is not a real ICO then? Come on, who cares about the details? Just have a look at the girls, they are really hot right? Thats what counts.

Your fucking hot Entrepreneurs!!!

Just think of us as some wannabe entrepreneurs. Actually I would call us more as moneypreneurs. We want your money! A lot of money. Donald Trump would say billions and billions and billions of money. We have really big dreams. With your money you help us to achieve them . We will buy houses on the beach, yachts, cars and of course hookers. I could truly see us throwing wild orgies with hot girls and coke everywhere. Just think of us as the Jordan Belfort of cryptocurrencies. Or as George Best says: „I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered“

I just couldn´t see us sitting for hours in stupid offices anymore when we just can get rich quick through an ICO, HAHA. So dear investors, please help us achieving our dreams. PLEASE. PLEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSEEEEEEE. Maybe we will even send you a picture of one of our orgies. Or maybe not. I don´t want to promise anything. Let me introduce us:

Juan, the latino, french, polish skinhead who is sex addicted and has some law issue’s in his home country (feel free to choose one :p)

and Günther, the half chinese, half russian hog raiser who founded the first pig fightclub in the polish history.










"I bought Billions of It to make America great again" - US President Donald Trump

What we want

You help Us, to get rich and have girls.

So you really read all of the stuff on our homepage? Bloody hell, you must be really retarded wasting your time like this. Sorry, stupid auto-correction. I mean after you spend hours of studying our whitepaper and our glorious homepage you finally decided you want to give us your money? Congratulations. You are a real champion. You belong to the 1% early-adopters on earth who are smart enough to invest in promising projects right on the start. Your wife could be happy to be together with a smart guy like you! Investing in us will give you lots of good karma. Everyone wants good karma right? Heaven and 72 virgins are waiting for you for sure! And who dont want to go to heaven?

So let me sum up our benefits:

First ICO without a coin

Yes we are mentally sane (or maybe not?) There is no coin included in our ICO. Actually there is nothing included. You will just donate your money to us and therefore get absolutely nothing in return. You absolutely shouldn´t invest in this.

100 % Secure, 0% Value

The Ethereum blockchain got hacked? Another crypto-exchange goes bankrupt? Your coin dumped by 20% a day? By investing in us you don´t have all these worries. Since you don´t get anything you can´t lose anything. This will revolutionize the whole cryptocurrency market. We´re truly geniusses. Call us the next Vitalik Buterin.

For money launderers and other criminals

Since there is no coin you don´t have to worry about anonymous payments. If you decide to send us your money to our public adresses below there is absolute no chance ever that anyone will track your payments via etherscan.io or blockchain.info. Thats not going to happen! Since we are sitting in Poland you also don´t have to fear the US government. We will not give any information to the US authorities (but maybe we will sell the data to some russian criminals so that we could earn some more money)

"I sold all of my Apple stocks to buy this shit" - Warren Buffett



His sweet nymphomaniac polish veterinarian who always take care of his lovely pigs after the fight.

Huge Modern TV

He dreamed so long for a big screen to invite his friends in his little house so that they can watch the russian Sheep Battles on Kalinka TV.

Sporty western Car

If he really made it happen to be rich he will buy a sexy sportscar from western Europe, so he finally can sell his old Lada.

White Rabbit

He maybe watched to many old Bond Movies but he always dreamed of a rabbit and a black lether chair. Curious? Who cares.

Aligned Vehicle

Some really fast professional tuned Ferrari with a very big trunk. For special people, friends, drugs......ehm.....Beer.


He is addicted to pain. And has a short relationship with his teacher in the third class. So maybe he met her in Kiev?

Our Shitty-App. Be Part of the revolution and start fair shit all other the World!

Why are you still reading this stupid page?

We never believed that anyone would read until here, so we had stopped with our smart Jokes. Just give us your Coins!!!!!!!!!!!!